For a better idea of how I came to focus on microanimism, please take a look at my blog.

I work with people who are interested in consciously relating to microbes from an animist’s point of view. This requires, I believe, an ability to hold scientific perspective and relationality in the same hand, in a dynamic equilibrium. This is already, to an extent, a necessary part of many professions: medicine, brewing, agriculture, making food…. I focus on strengthening what is necessary for holding space with the smalls directly: an ability to understand their biology, habits and preferences, and to explore their perspective. This is the tidal shift at the heart of any work based in animism. Therefore, my guidance in microanimism employs a combination of tutoring and direct greeting of the smalls. This work is designed to be accessible to all people, operating at all levels of scientific understanding. As additional supportive offerings, I also provide more in depth tutoring in the biological sciences, and scientific consultancy.

My services generally fall under three categories, and rates vary for each. I am also available for talks and lectures, and public speaking events on each subject. I charge on a sliding scale and I try to keep everything as accessible as possible, so reach out if you need to discuss reduced pricing. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. All sessions take place via video conferencing from my home in New Mexico, using the Zoom app.


15 mins, free

A short consultation to elaborate on any initial questions around microanimism, or any of the other services I offer.


30 mins $50, 1 hour $90

This work is designed to be accessible to professional scientists, hobby scientists and non-specialists alike. I am very interested in working with scientists who wish to learn about, or train in, strategies to connect with the microorganisms they examine, from an animist’s perspective. I am equally interested in hearing from animists and folk already pursuing earth-centered paths, who have identified a gap in their relationship with the natural world.

I have been a professional scientist for 15 years and a student of animist based theory and ancestral reverence under the guidance of Dr. Daniel Foor since 2016. The strategies I’ve collected for entering into relationship with the smalls are based on 15 years of considering my own relationships to them, in combination with the skills and practices I have learnt as a student of spiritual practices. During sessions, we begin by discussing your current standing with the smalls and which direction you would like to take your relationship, then move on together to develop strategies for doing so.

Private tutoring in the biological sciences

1 hour $150, 5 hours $750, 10 hours $1000

I have been a teacher of undergraduate and graduate level biology since 2008. For a more intense background understanding of the tangible biology of the smalls, I offer private tutoring in introductory biology, microbiology, environmental microbiology and virology. Syllabi can be tailored to your specific requirements.


1 hour $200

I’m a Ph.D scientist with almost 15 years of experience in industry and academic research. I’ve studied the smalls in a range of their natural environments, including soil, wastewater, freshwater and the human body. My study techniques include direct examination in the environment and laboratory based studies, by growing and tending to the whole organisms and their interactions with other beings and situations, and their genetic diversity. I offer consultancy in these areas.

I can offer support, recommendations and information regarding technical and experimental aspects of research and applied science. I am specialist in environmental microbiology with particular interests in phage/microbial interactions and cannabis phytobiomics. I have also commercialized scientific research in the areas of biocontrol.


30 mins $50, 1 hour $90

I offer support and recommendations in advocating for mental health, specifically targeted at faculty, staff and students working in the academic environment. This includes suggestions for a program of workshops and seminars which I’ve designed over the course of my academic career. The program can incorporate discussions and strategies for handling and fighting bullying and harassment in academia schools, colleges and universities. The insights collected and delivered as part of this program have been gathered from my own experiences and those of my colleagues and students over the years.